You beautiful thing (a brief history of deep time) (and you)

It took the universe, oh, 13.77 billion years or so to make you. Don’t let it down. 

Think of all that had to come first to get to you.

Some kind of incalculably colossal explosive burst of energy. (Some call it The Big Bang, some call it Let There Be Creation!) (And why yes, for the latter, so far it’s only me . . . .)

Elements had to coalesce. So did stars. And their large roundish orbiting masses. (Called planets.)

Sparks of life had to appear. At least one of them had to survive. And replicate! Replication is a fun activity now, maybe not so much back then.

All sorts of life forms had to experiment their way into being: amoebas, slime molds, plants, animals, hominids, hobbits, humankind.

Community had to develop: clans, tribes, mega-cities.

Innovations had to emerge: fire, wheel, Internet.

Now here you are, you beautiful thing.

There’s only one way to let the universe down: By not opening yourself up to the experience of this creation, you and all that surrounds you.

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