You can take heart in this (if your side project hasn’t leapt to center stage yet)

Sixteen years ago I met an artist we’ll inartfully call Schnicker. At the time he’d become successful as a landscape and still life artist, to the point where he wrote tutorials for other artists in prominent magazines.

We represented Schnicker with this style of work for which he’d become known for a couple of years before he took me aside and revealed his passion. 

Around the edges of his money-making art Schnicker had been creating a series that tickled his brain. 

This series was daffy, combining historical elements and tongue-in-cheek wit, every painting executed with his high talent for shape and nuance. Philosophical wordplay abounded, in the titles and in short pieces written as accompaniments to each painting.

Genius can be delightful too. It need not always be tortured.

All the while he’d been married to a solid if conservative career he’d also been having a grand fling with this art mistress on the side. 

(Clarification in case Schnicker’s wife reads this: This was his only side fling. He only has eyes for you Ms. Schnicker!)

Today this side project IS his career. Some galleries, including ours, took a chance on this series. Who wouldn’t take a chance on imagination over depiction?

And because it’s his passion an unlimited number of ideas well up.

It took Schnicker years, maybe 15 to 20 years, for his passion to become his career. Does that make it any less enjoyable? Hell no! His success is all the sweeter for it.

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