You do some things just because (like this)

See this portal to nowhere? It’s the entrance to a cat run in the backyard of a Statesville, North Carolina home.

Five cats in one house need some leg room.

Artist Amy Sullivan repurposed these antique glass doors as the entryway to her cat corral. The cats come in via a tube through a window. Very Habitrail. But without the rodents.

With this doorway for the humans, it takes on an Alice Through The Looking Glass quality.

You do some things just because.

For the surprise of it. For the jarring sense of spectacle. For the whimsy. For the splash it makes.

Because it’s you and you want to warp the reality around you. You want to bend it to your liking. Everyone has a reality field . . . it’s felt most in those who pulsate strongly who they are.

You can’t walk into Amy Sullivan’s backyard without feeling in the presence of something alive. Someone alive to possibility.

" . . . and work backwards from there"
"The morning that transformed my entire life"