You innately know

In honor of the theme expressed earlier this week (Time without teachers), a tidbit of insight from my interview a few months back with Lori Saitz says it all:

“Last year I gave it up. I was done. I was done!”

Lori ( was referring to both spiritual and life teachers. Like many others she’d consumed years of books and products until exasperated by the advice avalanche. It had become too much and she needed a break from it all.

“You innately know! . . . The answers.”

For Lori, the best teachers reminded you of this. They helped you uncover this deeper, knowing self. She was fond of Conversations With God by Neale Donald Walsch for this reason.

(And what she found especially irksome was how many self-help items in recent years have been marketed as if the one crucial ingredient for success is known only to the author, and you too can know the secret to the universe if you get this product now!)

Can there be anything more profoundly simple?

  • The best teachers help reveal the magnificence you already possess! 
  • You have the answers you seek!

And to have this stitched into the seams of your soul . . . is the ultimate gift from the Giver.

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