You know how you know a new era is dawning?


As I was coming out of Lowes with cans of paint for the gallery I had to walk around a small pickup truck parked out front. The owner was a rough-hewn guy, older (which means older than me), in a sleeveless tank, tats running up and down his arms.

A don’t-mess-with-me kind of guy by appearances.

My car was parked just across the way from his, so he was in full view as I unloaded the cart into my minivan.

Someone coming out behind me got into a conversation with him, about his pickup I think. They chatted for a bit and just as I was slamming down the hatch door, the two parted.
“Love and light, man!” the rough guy called after the other one. “Love and light.”

Mystic in the wild
A rabbi, two thousand years ago