You Power, Me Power, People Power

Readers of Notes For Creators know the thrust here is creative spirit living, drawing inspiration from my decades in creative fields working with artists, writers, designers, freelancers and indie biz types.

Not much is topical — meaning, very little deals with news of the day. We’re concerned here with creative exploration, spirit renewal, with sussing out what works, with sharing insights and stories.

Today I’m breaking the mold. Today we’re celebrating just a smattering of the stories spinning out from the protests of the last week and a half, examples that highlight the power of connecting.

You can view these as examples of people power, and they are. To me they depict the power of an individual to light a spark for higher good.

They show me that I’ve got power in the moment. They show you the same. You can’t not be touched by these people — all showing us that small gestures, small actions at the right moment are impactful.

Here — restore your faith in humanity:

The power of a hug
Short 2-minute video compilation showing people reaching out across opposing lines

The power of taking a stand
Rogue staffer risks career and gets the NFL to change

The power of listening
Quarterback Drew Brees models how to listen to pushback and grow from it

The power of friendship

The power of showing up for others
75 people join black man afraid to walk in his own neighborhood

These are just a few examples of the goodness breaking out everywhere. I guarantee you that more that is good and right and uplifting is bursting forth than its opposite.

May we all take this spirit into our daily lives. May I do so!

Note to self: Often it’s the simplest actions that change a situation for the better.

Frederick Douglass shows us something unexpected
Life finds a way