If you’re feeling constrained, take heart

If you’re feeling constrained, restricted, take heart. That is your clue to the greater life you want. 

From your constraint it is easy to imagine what better would look like. 

Once you can feel the essence of what that greater experience in life could hold for you, you can take a step in its direction.

Keep stepping.

Sidestep when necessary.

Sometimes you only know to sidestep after you’ve stepped in the funk.

Keep stepping.

Lao Tzu gives us that eternal wisdom:

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

To that I add: 

Each step is a destination.

That first step is your destination.

Exult in that!

The next step is also the destination.

Exult in that. 

Each step is the journey and the destination.

Exult in that.

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