Your light speaks

You have an inner light and this light communicates . . . .

Have you seen the research? First discovered by biophysicist Fritz-Albert Popp decades ago — I believe he got fired for this heterodoxy — it appears that the cells of your body emit faint light particles called biophotons.

Apparently these biophotons communicate not only with other cells throughout your body, leading some researchers to believe this may be the long-sought explanation for those processes that occur faster than biochemically feasible — such as leaping out of the way of your neighbor’s flailing Tree Pose — but they also communicate on the molecular/cellular level with other beings. (!)

Yeah. You knew you did it, but always wondered how . . . you give off those vibes to others, you receive those vibes from others . . . this seems to be one way. Though I’m sure it’s not exclusively the way.

Just as your body speaks with smells — as David Langley’s feet did powerfully on a recent trip — it speaks also through many other languages, some that we’ve yet to discover. If you’re American, you likely speak just one language — isn’t it refreshing to know your body is way ahead of you, communicating multi-lingually like a European?

So, yes, your light speaks. To yourcellf — ahh, fun with language — to your very own cells — to others.

When I was younger in New York City, my light spoke differently than today. If, for example, in my meanderings through the city I encountered an attractive woman who seemed single enough, my light might say, Purrr, hey there kitten, and her light would go Ewww.

Now my light might nod and acknowledge — gratefully — her beauty, but then my light would be forced to tell her light that I’m ecstatically married so we can only be friends . . . .

Look, your light speaks to my light speaks to everyone’s light . . . you might as well send most excellent intentions along with it.

Such as —

. . . when a situation is tense, emit calm.

. . . when you encounter someone in pain, physical or emotional, send out your light minions to soothe the beleaguered light brigades upholding the spirit of the afflicted person.

. . . when passing passers-by, why not send frolicsome light romping joyously through their brainpans?

Beam your light exuberantly out there!

It’s a heartfelt thought away.

If you see me . . . Beam me up. When you beam others up — when you shoot out intentions of uplift — how can you not be-beam yourself up there too?!

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