Your possibility partner

I’ve got a possibility partner. Actually, I’ve got three. That’s one of ’em above. 

We meet weekly. 

What a heady space you get into when you’re talking with someone burning to build a brand, aching to enlarge his capacity as a caring, effective human being. 

The plus in having three possibility partners is each lasers in on a different area. 

Scott, above, is simpatico with my sense of spirituality, a kind of practical mysticism. That one’s vision is a sacred calling. And that calling on resources far beyond what is considered normal is a natural state of being.

Mike is my science-based friend. We talk business. We talk productivity hacks. We talk brain capacity. His field is bioneurofeedback. No one knows the elasticity of the brain like he does. 

Travis Thomas of is closest in process to what I’m doing. Though I’m focused on writing about the creative-spirit matrix and his jam is more as a speaker and performer, we are both in the trenches creating the New Big Thing in our lives. So it’s an exciting intersection.

My possibility partners make me feel two important things: 

1) That my fondest dreams are possible 

2) That it’s important to grow myself

I hope you get one too. That’s the kind of lift you want when you’re flexing your wings for takeoff . . .    

For you 

Evan Griffith
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