Your sacred space: For sparking (creative) flow

What you see above is my wife Ann’s sacred space. This little nook in her studio was created on the cheap.

This inset in the wall formerly housed a filing cabinet and storage for painting boxes. (Ann paints on wooden boxes of various sizes.) 

The cabinet was moved and the painting storage is now cleverly hidden beneath the bench. With the cloth draped over the storage area, who knows it’s there?

Well, yes, we do of course. But it’s not a visual distraction. It’s clean and the space is focused entirely on its primary use.

She finished the nook off with a foam cushion underneath the cloth, pillows, and the light fixture. Voila, a sacred space is born.

Previously her sacred space was just a comfy short shag rug on the floor of her studio. A wooden chest sat opposite the rug, topped with a few items for which she held special reverence.

Most importantly for this sacred space of hers is something you can easily copy. Here they are: 

3 elements that compel creative flow

1> A creative process calendar
Based on the Seinfeld method (Jerry Seinfeld’s productivity secret) of marking a big X on a calendar every day you do your creative work: After you get going, you don’t want to break the chain. 

After you build up a series of successful creative work days, you don’t want an empty day box sitting there without an X . . . 

Having this visual aid helps compel you into your creative practice daily. Even when the feeling isn’t there.

As creatives know, simply starting often engenders the flow you seek.

2> Inspirations
Ann’s inspirations, both personal and creative, are tacked on the wall.

She’s only just created this version of her sacred space so it’s relatively sparse at this point. But she envisions the wall spilling over with images that matter to her, quotes that are meaningful, and aspirations of significance.

Some call this a Vision Board. The images and text bits on the wall are meant to draw her more completely into the work and the life she wishes to create.

3> An idea basket
You can only see a hint of the idea basket in the lower right corner of the image above. But it’s within easy reach when she’s nestled into her sacred space.

The idea basket contains articles, handwritten notes, and images torn from magazines in this basket. Whatever she thinks might spark ideas.

From her perch she can see her works in progress in the studio. Ann sifts through the basket almost absent-mindedly looking for ideas that will mate with what she’s working on.

. . . . . . . 

That’s it. A sacred space is best when its simple, comfortable and secluded

The seclusion may come from simply closing a door to the rest of the house. Or maybe it comes from placing a small fountain nearby. Or turning up a fan.

The most important aspect in a sacred space is that you can come there for renewal whenever you need it.

Ann likes to start off her studio time in her sacred space. And whenever she’s feeling thwarted, she’ll retreat to the nook for a reboot.

A sacred space need not be indoors. It can be outside in a favorite spot. It might be a hammock, an Adirondack chair, a hot tub. Whatever floats your soul boat.

It also need not be a separate space . . . as in Ann’s initial sacred space on a plush throw rug. 

For me it’s an old leather couch opposite my home office desk. It’s an easy hop over to the couch for a meditation moment. From there I see my desk and beyond it, through the sliding glass windows to the natural world outside. 

Most importantly I see a note jotted next to my desk, a reminder of my three essential principles:

1. Be clear

2. Express love energy

3. Renew

Your sacred space can be anywhere you want it to be. As long as you can access it easily and often, the magic will go with you in your day.

For you 

Evan Griffith
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