Your soul work

What is soul work?

It is doing what you feel you are here to do. 

For some that will change with the years. Coming out the gate into adulthood, it may be to exuberantly live life for a time, experimenting along the way. Then you may find your soul work in raising children. At a later point it may be in connecting to the silent, pervasive you. At another stage it may be in service, to others in some way.

Or for you it may be a lifelong passion that erupts in early childhood and never ceases until you cease. (Living this particular life . . . since a premise built into this site is this life
 is a weekend getaway in eternity.)

Others may come into it gradually, or even late, very late. Grandma Moses took up painting, for which she became famous, in her seventies. She painted maniacally in her final three decades, producing more than a fruit fly in heat.

Here’s how I explained my soul work to Travis Thomas of 30 Days of Yes in a recent interview:

For me it’s creative connection — and though this may sound redundant, it falls into two broad, interconnected areas: creativity and connection. 

Creativity includes creative expression (for me, through words mostly) and creative engagement (with whatever I’m doing). 

Connection to me means connecting as deeply and light-heartedly as possible with others, and as much as possible with SpiritFlow/SpiritSource.

Those not doing their soul work know it, by how they feel:

  • empty
  • without passion
  • that nagging won’t-go-away feeling that they’re not doing what is personally significant
Those who are doing their soul work know it, even if they have to wedge it into a busy life. They feel:
  • engaged
  • on mission
  • enthused
  • fulfilled
But if you’re not living your soul work and you don’t know what it is, how do you find it?

By asking. 

Ask: What is my soul work now?

There is nothing that won’t be answered if you ask. Open your heart in quietude. Ask. Ask to be shown. Ask truly, and you will come to know it.


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