Your thought work: Set your thoughtlings free

Are you protecting your thought work? 

In this era of the creative class, your thought work is the fulcrum point of your career. It’s what leverages your income and your dreams.

Creatively, thought work is where the substantial gains are had. It’s where you grapple with what you know and what you don’t know — and propel into new territory. 
The results of thought work are profound. We live in a world of thought work expressed. Every human-made thing you touch came from thought work. Someone or some group engaged luxurious time to focus their efforts until that item you’re using came into reality.

That phone. That apartment. That steering wheel. That curb. That condom. That carton. That frisbee. That glass. That pretzel. That chair. That comb. That contact lens. That cream. That poem. That book. That happening. That switch. That building. That grate. That button. That moat. That fabric. That kite. That light. That gigabyte . . . 

Thought work is where you make the imagined real. 
Are you protecting your thought-work time? 
I wrestle with this daily. Creating sanctuaries of time to engage in thought work. For our art gallery; for my creative projects.
I watch others who cordon off time slots of their day for thought work zoom beyond the rest of us. 
Thought work compels the greatest rewards. Not just financially. Not simply in status. But also intrinsically. Outside of relationships there is no greater satisfaction than the immersive flow of uninterrupted thought work.
You know what your thought work is. Feed it with time. Time free of the pingings of the world. Protect it. Incubate it. 

Your thoughtlings will grow beyond your expectations. Like a teenager. Those thoughtlings will strike out in directions unimagined, if given time. 

Daily time.

Energize your thoughtlings! Nourish your thoughtlings! Let your thoughtlings free!
(All they need is time.)
(And love.)

(Your loving attention.)

(Like teenagers.)
(Did I say daily?)
(Daily is the only way.)

For you 

Evan Griffith
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