You’re always in alignment with something

I have an engineer turned client whisperer friend I meet every Sunday morning. Or at least the Sunday mornings when we’re both in town. So — many a Sunday morning but not all, since we’re both travelers by inclination and occupation.

One morning Scott was speaking of an in-law who’d sunk into a deep rut of self-obsession with his problems in recent years. To the point it was all he spoke of. And consequently all he seemed to believe in anymore.

His mind’s event horizon had imploded. So narrow was his focus that solutions lobbed in conversation could not be heard by him. Not in a real way that might open his mind and hence his experience to other possibilities. Possibilities that might free him from the life issues that plagued him.

I’ve been like that too often to note here. In every crisis I’ve lived through there’s a moment so tiny and tight and suffocating I’m forced to burst out of the confines of my own thought — or forever languish in a living hell I’ve become too small to improvise my way out of.

“You’re always in alignment with something. You just have to figure out what it is.”
~ Scott Doyle

Liberation comes one what if at a time.

What if I don’t accept I’m doomed to live this way till the end of my days?  

What if there are options out there I could see if I raised my head up a little? Breathed a little? Created a space to free flow better thoughts a little?

I’ve learned to trust in transformation because of the turnabouts that have come my way once I relinquished my relentless obsession with current facts.

Once my mind gets playful even a little bit, it’s often astounding the resources that come my way. Options spring to life in front of me.

I don’t even have to see them in my mind’s eye. I don’t even have to envision the solutions. I just have to allow my thoughts to conceive of a different outcome than the current trajectory.

Something about this freeing of your mental limitations draws to you a wider range of interventions.

A new, slightly improved reality intervenes . . . and keeps doing so . . . until ultimately you’re standing in a vastly improved place.

As Scott says, you’re always in alignment with something.

Looking at my expectations is my gut check for what I’m aligned with. If I’m expecting nothing but woe, nothing but travail, it’s time to change that alignment. Till I’m aligned with the invisible winds of uplift again.



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