Yummy yummy yummy I got love in my tummy: Carol Maglio and Dr. Ken Grey

Just in time for summer, for all you foodies out there, here comes a healthy cookbook that doesn’t require you to give up meat. Everything in balance. And — the authors attest — what is good for you can be wickedly good tasting.

Say hello to Health in Balance: Summer Cuisine by Carol Maglio and Dr. Ken Grey, in gestation for over two years, out today on Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

I dare you to try to tamp down your salivation response while watching any of the videos on their site. Can’t be done. I tried this morning, it was unseemly.

Why this book?

I’ve known Dr. Ken Grey as an artist, a friend, and an acupuncturist for a number of years now. I was seeking to interview him for the Interviewing Your Heroes series. In this series I advocate anyone and everyone to interview those they know who impress them, because I believe your greatest inspiration is always within easy reach.

Ken noted that this long-worked-on project of his and Carol’s was coming out, so I simply had to jump in and interview them both. You can watch a video to verify this, but you don’t have to because I’ll tell you — Dr. Ken is fluidity in motion. It’s like he has a black belt in life, he moves so consciously.

People exude what they are, and Dr. Ken gives off this calm, no motion wasted, in-the-moment vibe that encompasses any space he’s in. Everything he’s involved in is high integrity, of high frequency.

I think of Carol Maglio and Dr. Ken Grey as being part of society’s advance guard, at the forefront of this very cool thing simmering in our culture — they are among those demonstrating that health and wellness is sexy beyond belief. And delicious too.

More to come in the next few weeks about these two, I sat down with them today for an engaging, free-range chat . . . .

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