Zazen Law-of-Attraction Style

I’m sending you elsewhere today. Today I’m sending you over to one of the great Law of Attraction sites on the web: The Good Vibe Blog.

(Side note: If you came from there . . . um, you can exult in the great circularity of life . . .  !  . . . or skip past this to other posts below.)

Jeannette Maw, who throws the party over there, was kind enough to host a guest post of mine. If you’re interested in the confluence of the old and the new, you might enjoy this modern slant on an ancient practice:

There I spill the details about my favorite meditation in the whole wide world, inspired equally by 13th-century zazen meditation and an Abraham-Hicks process called the rampage of appreciation. When you combine them you get mystical magic.

More than that, I think you’ll relish Jeannette’s take on this contemporary spiritual phenomenon commonly referred to as the Law of Attraction. She is one delightful impish spirit herself!

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